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Confessions of a problem child


I burned down the backyard

And just stood there

Transfixed by the flames

I  pissed on my parent’s artwork while standing on their antique chair

I stole my best friends prized matchbox set

I crept into my mother’s and father’s room while they slept

I stole all they’re money and their car

Then drove to Mexico in a blackout

I told the 8th-grade teacher to shove that bullshit history book up her ass

I got a referral to the principal and was swatted in the ass with plexiglass for questioning patriotism and history and an imposed system of ignorance

I carried a loaded gun because they were coming

And then when they came I realized I forgot the gun

I was on a72-hour psyche hold in 4 point restraints and shot full of Haldol. Swore I’d never be there again, and I was there again and again

I was busted with possession of drugs and paraphernalia and sat in jail, and couldn’t wait to get out and not even have a clue I  was going to do it again. Over and over again

I’ve been angry, homeless walking the streets in Anytown, USA.

Totally convinced, truly believing, it was everybody else’s fault

I  walked the streets until my feet had blood blisters, but never left a square block radius

I broke into so many apartments in the complex I lived in that I could only leave the apartment at night out of sheer paranoia

I drank and drove so drunk that I had to cover an eye to stop seeing double, again, and again and again

I’ve heard at least 2 dozen people say they’ll never drink or use again

Then just hours, days, weeks, months, or years later, they overdose or drink themselves to death

I looked loved ones in the eyes and promised something, and just knew deep down I was going to break their fucking heart



Fourscore And A Little More

Fantastic Scams™

Bait And Switch®

Meteoric Rise©

Easy Money™

You’d be a fool not to fall for a this! Don’t miss the boat! The trains leaving the station! You’ll be living a lifelong vacation! Work from home! Make $8000.00 monthly posting ads for Sir E-Bay & Lady Google!

Jack off or diddle your cunt, while you watch the latest version of Alan Funt!

Excuse the candor and rancor But let’s get to the pointless meaning of what I’m screaming. The easy money is for easy wallets, with disposable Dead Presidents past and present. Otherwise, You’re the pheasant for a ‘Cheney like’ hunter, you’ll be put out to pasture in a dead field of wheatgrass, just what do I mean?

They’ll wax that ass, then put you in the Unseen Museum… Where a thousand dead souls spend recess doing the dance of a thousand recessions, coupled with a line dance featuring the legacy and the lord of this dance the one and only, Sir Ronnie Ray Gun – cutting a rug and a budget with a trickle-down break dancing routine that will have you squirming in your (once upon a time) Wrangler Jeans.

…Meanwhile, Tommy Two times at the outdoor bar repeating, “You know what I mean? You know what I mean?”

If that isn’t enough, Well I don’t mean to get gruff, but you can high tail it (or Low ride) back to Toonerville, Tommy! And take that Pitbull with ya’- He’s bad for business! Seems he ate all the gunpowder and blood sausage. And he makes whitey uptighty. He’s not fixed and his balls collide with the consciousness of dimly lit buffoons. And you there, yes you, where you from, Rangoon? Or another place?

I can’t place the face, but we don’t allow that click-click language in this here saloon so hit the bricks and tell your story walking or face La Migra, who are suffering from maximum migraines brought on by the same paranoia of the simple solipsistic suckas that sing and dance to the drum of Sir Donnie’s Republican Tantrum.

Wanna’ play a game?

Step Right Up!

Get yourself a heaping helping of His Story!
My eyes have never seen the glory of the coming of any Lord.
Just a sword, that slices and massacres any that aren’t lock step.
An antiquated “Two Party” system.
A 3 card Monty game of the ages.
This game will whoop your already tired ass, regardless of your ‘caste.’
Complaints and litigation will not be honored, we’re chock full of that noise in this future third world state, Ace!
But Hey! Don’t take my word for it, roll up your sleeves and have a go, give it all you got.
This crap game doesn’t differentiate, it’ll take all your soul and your time, ultimately leave you broke homeless crying on the corner for a dime.
The administrator of this site doesn’t give a county fuck if you’re down on your luck and overwhelmed with strife…(truth is, that’s the best time to strike)
Bring your ‘A’ game cuz this scam is a million miles from tame, it’s feral soul-less greed, and the trough needs fillin’ (do you hear what I’m drilling?)
Wake the fuck up and smell the infinite scandal, the game that plays you. You can run and hide, sure maybe set up your own little Ruby Ridge, disappear or as they say, go ‘Off The Grid’ ~ The united snakes will find you, slither in and expose your sin, it’s really an external game that no one wins.
HEY! You ain’t getting my soul, fuckers. I got my skin suit protecting my light, my very being, walking through this valley, MAN, sometimes just pure misery is what I’m seeing.
 I laugh it off, but stay alert and vigilant all the same.

 Never to be a victim of a self-made game…