The Vin Skull Duggery Hour

Howdy, hi there friends and neighbors!

Welcome to Vin Skull Duggery Variety Hour!

An absolute mind-bending program of dome diggin’ serotonin slinging, neuron rattling, frontal lobe lovin’ and brain salad surgery bazar.

Brought to To you by the good pholks at Price Pfister ( the pharmaceutical arm) Where they are committed to plumbing the depths of your reward center for teasers and treasures. Also, by that hip slick and cool new Vietnamese Soul food Joint out on Highway 1 & 1/2~ Pho Diddley. Drive through! or better yet; lounge to the sounds of Lee Kravitz Washington …or karaoke on the 3rd Tuesday of every leap year. Try The Signature Dish, Pol Pot Pie! My favorite!

On this evenings program- we fool around with the left and the right of your gray matter. We really Get in there an dig around for delusion and grandeur and speak to king baby and his majesties ego! It’ll be a real journey of sorts with layers of decay and evil, so please no sandals or shorts, dress accordingly for this Advil-venture.

We will knock your socks off with a surprise shocking guest, live from the house of arrest, Capt. Mind Fuck and his Buccaneers. Playing they’re classic diddy, “My insane Brain Can’t stand it on this plane” as well as “4 point restraints in a 4-star resort.”

With special guests Leggy Pee & Daddy Puke. As you well know we are committed to mental excellence and uncommon sense in bringing the finest non-sequitur babble from here to Minot. So why not? Let’s see what makes that melon tick…or pull the trigger till it goes click, whatever your fancy – it will be well worth the dollar six eighty admission you part with.
Tune In!
We’ll see you ’round the Hippocampus!


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