From What We Can Gather

Well, from what we can gather
It all doesn’t matter
Whether it’s Dan Rather or senseless spatter
Or even some popular banter from The Doppler’s antler 
It’s best to detract and distract from the gathered gunk
Or please feel free to shuffle along in the mud of the media’s mundane mediocrity…
Stifling facts and news from yet another set of shiny shoes
Bound to another story of agony and blues
Or… some celebrity paying their soul-sucking dues
*Side note – I got love in my heart but hate in my brains
This combination keeps me drowning in a sea of delusional flames
More news at eleven… oh you can’t wait, say you?
We got an app for that…
It will do just this –
Main Line that info right into your dome
It sets up shop and calls your Pineal gland home
Just think, it’ll be like the fall of Rome
Only you’ll never have to leave the comfort of your home or your head
Because, Because, Because, Because, Because!
Because of the wonderful things “IT” (insert Mass Distraction™ here) Does
Not just a ‘Film at Eleven’ we’re Talking 24/7
A plethora of info for you to sing and dance with The Stars to… a Dramedy of sorts
We even got the mundane, the shorts, the sports, the sordid underbelly of all that won’t make it to the Telly, because after all…
Who loves ya’ baby?

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