Wanna’ play a game?

Step Right Up!

Get yourself a heaping helping of His Story!
My eyes have never seen the glory of the coming of any Lord.
Just a sword, that slices and massacres any that aren’t lock step.
An antiquated “Two Party” system.
A 3 card Monty game of the ages.
This game will whoop your already tired ass, regardless of your ‘caste.’
Complaints and litigation will not be honored, we’re chock full of that noise in this future third world state, Ace!
But Hey! Don’t take my word for it, roll up your sleeves and have a go, give it all you got.
This crap game doesn’t differentiate, it’ll take all your soul and your time, ultimately leave you broke homeless crying on the corner for a dime.
The administrator of this site doesn’t give a county fuck if you’re down on your luck and overwhelmed with strife…(truth is, that’s the best time to strike)
Bring your ‘A’ game cuz this scam is a million miles from tame, it’s feral soul-less greed, and the trough needs fillin’ (do you hear what I’m drilling?)
Wake the fuck up and smell the infinite scandal, the game that plays you. You can run and hide, sure maybe set up your own little Ruby Ridge, disappear or as they say, go ‘Off The Grid’ ~ The united snakes will find you, slither in and expose your sin, it’s really an external game that no one wins.
HEY! You ain’t getting my soul, fuckers. I got my skin suit protecting my light, my very being, walking through this valley, MAN, sometimes just pure misery is what I’m seeing.
 I laugh it off, but stay alert and vigilant all the same.

 Never to be a victim of a self-made game…


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